American Dream Essay

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American Dream

Everyone grows up with the thought of an American dream in mind . Unfortunately that American dream is only limited to the people who are not of color. Sadly the people of color and the american dream don 't match up to well. I feel that this is because it can’t be easily obtained due to improper education and never being given the opportunity to show what they’re made of. Maybe if we weren 't categorized by our living arrangements, or the amount of our wealth, or better yet being presumed as these incompetent animals who aren’t good for nothing. Then we too would be able to achieve our own american dreams ,but as people of color the chances of that are not likely living in a world that feeds us with this improper mindset.
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It’s meant to be understood that an african american child can only be in a position of average or below.For example in my highschool as a senior we are able to make our own schedule for the year . Since i finished all of my math requirements so that meant I could choose another math class to take or I could have a free period. I like a challenge so I decided to take AP Statistics. On the first day of school as my teacher is doing an introduction she mentions that we have until end of the week to withdraw from the class. As we’re walking out of the classroom she hands me a withdraw form and says “ guidance counselors always make these mistakes” I was astonished because I have heard and seen the race card being played but never to me. After that I made it my personal goal to pass that class with an A. I would do so good on my tests that she accused me of cheating one day. She made it seem as if the class was impossible for a person of color to do good in. Another thing that stops an african american child from achieving their American dream is society limiting them just because of their living circumstance and wealth .I…show more content…
Of course things won 't be different over night but if we work little by little then it definitely could change and make the american dream more achievable to the African American. Education would be the biggest turning point if changed. The mindset of everyone should be changed to become more equally understanding. There shouldn’t be any favoritism or neglect most importantly . African american students shouldn’t be left hanging just because of assumptions that they don’t have the same level or even more of intelligence as the white student. School system also shouldn 't hold them back from excelling by not giving them proper material. They deserve the same treatment and privileges as the white schools. Teachers should also have a level of equality that doesn’t make them feel the need to be of ignorance and negligence just because they feel that the african american child doesn’t belong. We should also change the stereotyping because of the area we live in . No one purposely picks their living circumstances . Just because little timmy lives in the highest crime rated neighborhood doesn’t mean that he’s the one committing the crimes. Most kids are trying to there hardest to get out of the place they’re living but if society keeps telling you to fear the black man instead of getting to know him then how exactly are we supposed to achieve our dream. You can’t belittle us for being poor when you won’t even give us a shot at succeeding the same
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