America 's Most Powerful Parties, Republicans, And Republicans

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INTRODUCTION The main purpose of this paper is to explore the differences in how America’s most powerful parties, Republicans and Democrats, addresses various social, economic, and political issues through comparative analysis of the statements published on both parties websites. I. THE ISSUES REPUBLICANS Budget and Spending According to the website, “the federal government is structurally and financially broken,” that is why the party’s main goal is to “balance the federal budget and make government more efficient.” In my opinion, such statement seems like a reasonable political agenda. The interesting part starts right after, when the Party starts calling names. “President Obama has added more to the National Debt than any other past President,” states the website. Supposedly, the current President is the nation’s worst enemy because he is doing everything possible so the next generations “inherit unsustainable debt.” There is not much information provided on what exactly Obama did, but the message is clear that he is the one in charge of all the American trouble. So, what’s the solution then? We have to significantly reduce federal spending, the Republicans state. If we follow the hyperlink “federal spending,” things are getting even more interesting. As it turned out, the Obama Administration “uses tax dollars for extravagant conferences and vacations” and “spends billions of dollars on wasteful projects.” I think that those are very bold statements to be made on a political party’s website, especially considering the fact that there is no facts provided to prove those accusations. Economy The Republican Party is... ... middle of paper ... ...ans want to continue their war against terrorism. They want to invest more money into missile defense system and protect the country “from the battlefield to cyberspace.” What I personally don’t understand, why are those Republicans are so violent? ObamaCare I remember how many Republicans were against ObamaCare and I was surprised to find out that they actually support “common-sense health care reforms.” As expected, the websites criticizes ObamaCare stating that it “reduces competition and damages health care quality and choice.” An interesting turn happens next when the party talks about Obama earning the “lie of the year” as opposed to explaining how exactly the Republicans are planning to improve the health care. Veterans The Party emphasizes the importance of medical support of the veterans and state that the Department of Veteran Affairs has to be reformed.
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