Alien Abduction

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Imagine a quiet night with nothing but the sound of your friends’ laughter and the soft crackle of a campfire. All around you is darkness lit only by the moon and stars. Now imagine a bright light beaming down on you from above. The next thing you remember is waking up from a daze next to your friend, unable to explain what just happened. This is just one of many examples of what many people call alien abduction experiences. Despite the hundreds and thousands of people who have claimed similar abductions, scientists and skeptics still attempt to answer this mystery with more earthly explanations. Even though many people claim very similar alien abductions, researchers can reasonably explain this phenomenon.
There are nearly a million abduction stories, but only a few are considered legitimate. One of the first alien abduction stories to make it to the international news was the alleged abduction of Antionio Vilas Boas. The Brazilian farmer claimed that “a spacecraft emitting a very bright light” came down, scooped him up into their spacecraft, examined him, and forced him to impreg...

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