Algernon Essay: The Importance Of Being Earnest

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871 words

and reveal the characters' true natures. Algernon's insistence on having dinner is not only a reflection of his own gluttony but also a commentary on the societal norms of the time. Despite the tense situation, Algernon's fixation on food highlights the importance of social rituals and expectations during the Victorian era. Please hand that to Miss Fairfax. The subtle remarks and actions displayed in this scene demonstrate the appropriate level of displeasure for a Victorian women's quarrel. The altercation is characterized by indirect disdain, as Cecily provides Gwendolen with items she did not want. Gwendolen implies a jab towards Cecily's social class by stating that "cake is rarely seen at the best houses." This civil mockery is a form of respectful scorn. Algernon finds himself in a disagreement with Jack because he is asked to leave Jack's house. Algernon responds with subtle mockery, saying "Jack, you are at the muffins again! I wish you wouldn't. There are only two left. [Takes them.] I told you I was particularly fond of muffins." Algernon mocks Jack's idea of hospitality while taking all the muffins for himself. He thinks that it is fair for him to be selfish and leave Jack with the option he does not prefer. Algernon is taking advantage of Jack's hospitality by mocking him and refusing to leave when asked.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that sugar isn't fashionable anymore, and cecily looks angrily at her.
  • Opines that jack is at the muffins again! they wish you wouldn't. there are only two left.
  • Analyzes how algernon clings to the fact that it is preposterous for jack to not serve him an evening meal. the role of food within the play is to create the customs of good society.
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