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Symbolism is very important in Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest." It is the symbolism that mocks the upper-class of the Victorian Era. Without comprehending and embracing the symbolism of the story, the story cannot make sense. But with context and accurate understanding of the symbols used, the story's message is a powerful one. Some symbols used in the story are food, Lady Bracknell, and the act of Bunburying.

Food is probably the most vivid icon of all the signs in this story. Its easy detection is likely because of how boldly Wilde uses it. In Act II, Algernon shows that he's in a controlling position while everyone thinks him to be Earnest by eating Jack's muffins. This is properly shown at the end of Act II when Jack says, "Algernon! I have already told you to go. I don't want you here. Why don't you go!" and Algernon replies, "I haven't quite finished my tea yet! and there is still one muffin left." ( 46 )

Another symbol, though it may not be called to mind as quickly as food, is Lady Bracknell. Throughout the story, especially in Act III, she is the picture of the high-class in all its pride. Her character's purpose in the story is so witty on Wilde's part that it's comical in itself. She believes that for the high-class anything is possible, and a well-respected, dignified marriage is a key to more power, which is ironic because her character isn't power-hungry. Her pride is easily identified when Lady Bracknell asks Jack where his house is located in London by asking, "What number in Belgrave Square?" to which Jack answers, "149." and she replies, "The unfashionable side. I thought there was something. But that could easily be altered." Jack asks, "Do you mean the fashion, or the side?" and she says, "B...

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...its significance, and the important things as mere details. A great example of this is Jack's anger at Algy for Algy's eating of all the muffins in Act II.

The idea of absurdity in Victorian times was embraced by some writers and looked down upon by others. Oscar Wilde embraced the absurd whole-heartedly. This is obvious, if not even the theme, of The Importance of Being Earnest. Not only is the word "absurd" used many times in the story, but the ridiculousness of the characters and their roles conveys the ideas of absurdity in the Victorian Era.

The function of Miss Prism and Chasuble in the story is to have an air of responsibility, but in reality be nearly, if not as, absurd as the other characters in the story. Miss Prism has to have a responsible figure because she oversees Cecily. Chasuble has to seem responsible for his position as rector by Jack's estate.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how oscar wilde's "the importance of being earnest" mocks the upper-class of the victorian era. without comprehending and embracing the symbolism, the story cannot make sense.
  • Analyzes how wilde uses food as the most vivid icon of all the signs in the story. in act ii, algernon shows that he's in a controlling position while everyone thinks him to be earnest.
  • Analyzes how wilde's character, lady bracknell, is the symbol of the high-class in all its pride. she believes that a well-respected, dignified marriage is key to more power.
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