Alexander Hamilton's Accomplishments

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Did you know that the face on our 10.00 not was one of the most influential men in the history of the United States? He did not have a smooth life without any obstacles but a tough life. He used his own ability and mindset to build up his talent, and achieve numerous accomplishments. He played a significant role in gaining independence from Britain. He fought beside George Washington for a long time. After the war ended, still worked for his country by writing the famous paper, “The Federalist” in 1787-88 for the constitution of United States of America. He live his life to fight for our country, and spent third of his life form this land to United States today. Before he became a great army leader in the war, Alexander Hamilton had a long …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the face on our 10.00 not was one of the most influential men in the united states history. he used his ability and mindset to build up his talent, and achieve numerous accomplishments.
  • Explains that alexander hamilton had a long way to go before he became an army leader in the war. he was born and spent part of his childhood in charlestown, the capital of the island of nevis.
  • Analyzes how hamilton started working as an accountant in st. croix at the age of 11 after his father left him. he wrote a poem that impressed knox, who sent him to new york.
  • Narrates how hamilton, troup, and other students from the king's college joined the army and became part of the new york provincial artillery company.
  • Describes how hamilton was commissioned a captain in the continental army and given command of an artillery company of nearly 100 men. his talent, skilled, and ability bought him to the attention of george washington.
  • Describes how hamilton remained on washington's staff for four years. his duties included drafting letters for the general addressed to congressmen, governors, and other supporters.
  • Explains that hamilton did not participate in any military engagement, while he is still washington’s staff. he returned to take part in military action again later in 1778, where the american general charles lee was court-martialed for misconduct during the fight.
  • Analyzes how hamilton served the country honestly and greatly. he was the most important minister in the new administration.
  • Explains that hamilton and james madison wrote the federalist paper, which was written to combat anti-federalism and vital to the passage of constitution in new york and other state.
  • Explains that george washington assigned alexander hamilton to be the first secretary of the treasury, and he did not let washington down. he submitted a series of ground-breaking reports to congress, including the first report on public credit (in 1770).
  • Opines that alexander hamilton was a great man who fought to get his nation back and make america the dominant force it is today.

Croix, not so long after his father left him. His work shine out his ability and his talent. He seems to have demonstrated an aptitude for buying and selling from the start, but he had ambitions beyond the Cruger counting house and the island of St. Croix. He started to write a poem at the age of 16 and start getting famous. He wrote a letter that impressed Knox, Hugh Knox, one of the business man in St. Croix. Knox had interest in Hamilton talent in the point of sending him and some group of people to New York. Hamilton arrive at New York in1773, by the age of 16 years old. Because of Knox sending him to New York, Hamilton entered The King’s College in New York (in which now is Columbia University) as a “private student.” Not so long after he got in to the university, in 1774, Hamilton and some of his friend wrote their first political paper. As a Quick learner, Hamilton think he is capable for becoming a self-made man, and took off from The King’s College before he supposed to graduate. his friend Robert Troup speak of Hamilton’s ability clearly to explain the right and the reason of Patriots in the protest the British-imposes …show more content…

Even though, He played a small role in constitutional Convection. However, He and James Madison wrote the great paper “The Federalist Paper (1788)”. The Federalist Paper was written to combat anti-federalism and vital to the passage of constitution in New York as well as other state. Which Hamilton wrote fifty-one essays, Madison wrote twenty-six essays, John Jay wrote five essays. He said in the letter in the New York paper that “The executive should have more power and proper. The government that can take care of things”. Even Thomas Jefferson commented that The Federalist Paper was “the best commentary on the principles of government ever written.” George Washington assigned Alexander Hamilton to be the first Secretary of the Treasury. He did not let Washington down. Hamilton show his brilliantly by wrote down a blueprint for American financial system. He submitted a series of ground-breaking report to congress, including the First Report on Public Credit (in 1770) and the Report on Manufactures (in 1791). In his view “Democracy,” Hamilton said in 1804, ’was our real Disease, one that was poisoning the American ‘Empire’. He died on July 12, 1804 after being shot in the duel by then Vice-president Aron Burr, and apparently traitor to the

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