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The Federal surveys in America depict that there is a decline in the overall alcohol consumption amongst the members of a certain age group, whereas at the same time, the concentration of high numbers of alcohol abusers are associated with a certain age group. The total number of individuals aged below 65 who abuse alcoholic beverages in America has seen a drastic reduction in the last few years. However, the number of people between the age of 16 and 30 has been rising and has induced a significant short term and long-term effects especially on the health and productivity of the victims. The federal surveys indicate that there is an increased number of people who have been affected by the long-term effects associated with alcohol abuse the since 2009 (Yoshida, 2006).
Over 40% of the people who abuse alcohol in the US are college students and this has had adverse effects on the social relationships within the learning institutions as well as the academic performance of the students. The number of suicidal deaths, which have been reported so far as a result of alcoholism, has also been on the rise in the past decade. The majority of these deaths have mainly concentrated amongst the students.
Over 49% of the college students within America do not consume alcohol on a regular basis (Lankford, 2007). However, a significant percentage of these students lack the control to abuse alcohol when they start consuming it. The annual Health College Alcohol Study indicates that the social interaction within a majority of the societal settings has significantly been affected by the increased amount of alcoholic consumption. This has seen the rise of fights and disorderly communities, especially within those areas where colleges are set up. ...

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...rapy, cognitive-behavioral coping skills treatment. The psychologist is also the most suitable professional to in facilitating the self-help programs like the Alcoholics Anonymous program.
Psychiatrists should be part of the dual-therapy program, especially due to the need to assess the degree of addiction in various individuals before grouping them into the anonymous groups where they can undergo the treatment program. Psychiatrists should be able to assess the negative social consequences that all the participants were involved in before joining the dual-therapy program.
Social worker
Alcohol and other forms of drug issues tend to be a central part of the social work practice. The social worker should be involved in the dual-therapy program to ensure that every critical intervention linked to individual behaviors is assessed.

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