The Pressures Girls Face Within College Sororities

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Do people really understand the secrets behind the Greek community? There are many pressures girls face that the public is not familiar with that are specifically evident in sororities. Alexandra Robbins, the author of the book Pledged: The Secret Lives of Sororities, went undercover and followed four different girls during their experiences within the Greek system. Although there are many struggles girls can face in sororities, the five most prevalent type of pressures include: having a perfect body image, substance abuse, stress, silence, and hazing. One of the many forms of dangerous pressures girls face from their membership in a sorority is body image. Being a member of an organization with typically 100 women opens the door for pressure to conform to a certain ideal look. Forms of hazing often would include activities that brought down the girls’ self-confidence. “During circle the fat, pledges undress and, one by one, stand in front of the entire sorority membership. The sisters (or, in some chapters, fraternity brothers) then use thick black markers to circle the fat or cellulite on a pledge’s body....For many sororities, thinness, as the pledges discover, is a priority” (Robbins 259). These types of activities are not uncommon for sororities. From day one of pledging, the idea of having a perfect body is obsessed over. Even girls with healthy, fit bodies are criticized just as much for the sake of the upper classmen to break them down, so they could build them back up they way they want. Its manipulating and confusing. The pressure to be accepted by the sorority was a common outcome from the priority of perfection, which could also lead to eating disorders. A study was done and found that “the most consistent finding was... ... middle of paper ... ... Why should people stand around and let these pressures shape the lives of young women? Works Cited Butterfield, Sam. "New Study Finds Sororities Have a Negative Impact on Body Image." The Daily Collegian. The Daily Collegian, 11 Mar 2010. Web. 17 Feb 2014. Hansen, B. (2004, January 9). Hazing. CQ Researcher, 14, 1-24. Retrieved from Mantel, B. (2006, August 18). Drinking on campus. CQ Researcher, 16, 649-672. Retrieved from Robbins , Alexandra. Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities. New York: Hyperion, 2004. Print. Scrivo, K. (1998, March 20). Drinking on campus. CQ Researcher, 8, 241-264. Retrieved from Worsnop, R. L. (1997, March 14). Alcohol advertising. CQ Researcher, 7, 217-240. Retrieved from

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