Deadly Impact of Carbon Monoxide Pollution

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Major Health Effects From Air Pollution

“Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas, it is known as the "silent killer,” stated by John P. Cunha. Humans are affected by air pollution everyday. It is spread from daily industrialized machinery such as factories and automobiles. Carbon monoxide is one of the most deadliest substances from air pollution that causes poisoning to humans. Carbon monoxide poisoning from U.S. air pollution is a leading cause of death due to its major health effects in the brain, heart, and lungs. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas substance that results in many people in the U.S. being treated with health issues. In this case, authors from “Practice Recommendations in the Diagnosis, Management, …show more content…

In similarity, Tim Meredith and Allister Vale (1988: 77) justify that “Carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin to form carboxyhemoglobin, reducing the total capacity of the blood to carry oxygen and shifting the oxygen dissociation curve to the left.” Carboxyhemoglobin is a mixture of hemoglobin and CO that is later formed inside red blood cells. Hypoxia is formed within the blood cells causing it to deprive oxygen coming through the lungs. It reduces the amount of blood transportation for oxygen to flow normally. The oxygen dissociation curve is where blood receives and transfers oxygen. Once the curve is shifted, it distorts the transportation of both blood and oxygen flow. Furthermore, from Environmental Pollution (2008: 362) indicate, “It ranges from minor upper respiratory irritation to chronic respiratory and heart disease, lung cancer, acute respiratory infections in children and chronic bronchitis in adults...or asthmatic attacks.” This causes individuals to have difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, seizures, or death. Minor symptoms are the beginning signs to these serious health problems. Loss of consciousness leads to patients staying in a coma. CO poisoning in the lungs is life threatening and causes many health problems for the body to function

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