Age Of Indusrtialism

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The time period that we are calling the Age of Industrialization occurred in the 1700s and 1800s. During this time period, innovations and changes occurred in agriculture, technology, and communication. The first advancements began in Great Britain and soon they spread throughout the world. The rural areas of Great Britain transformed between 1760 and 1830. The farmers were accustomed to a daily routine. Their activities revolved around farming. The farmers used traditional methods that were created by their ancestors. Many of the traditions of small villages were abandoned and they were introduced to new things. This helped the villages to become more advanced. Abandoning traditions allowed the small villages also become familiar to new technology. New features were introduced to Britain, such as the cultivation of turnips and potatoes. Two of the contributors to agriculture were Jethro Tull and Lord Towenshend. Those men made the importance of root crops important to agriculture. In addition to the innovations helping villages, they could also hurt them. These changes were very complex for the farmers. Learning new techniques could be confusing and could also destroy their crops, which would definitely hurt the farmers. A major factor that advantaged the early growth was free enterprise. This system allowed individuals and private firms to own the means of production including land, machinery, and the work place. The people were able to decide how they can make a profit and determine business pra... ... middle of paper ... ... even their lives from working in the factories. Diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis, spread throughout the factories and often killed the workers. In my opinion, people were better off and worse off. People were better off because they were allowed to be introduced to new things. They were worse off because of the horrible living and working conditions. In the end, the revolution created a wondrous world that we have today. Without the hardships from the past we would not have the advanced technologies that we have today. Bibliography

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