African Slave Trade

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The impact on the African slave trade during 16th centuries to 19th centuries was huge. The economy of those countries which allowed African slave trade grew bigger and bigger. For instance, America, a huge land that had nothing before the trade, started to gain some profit out of farming and increased hugely on population. They used a big amount of African slaves to farm and work. And this created the economy better in America. Also Europeans, which were only one million people brought up 5.5 million African slaves (men, women, children) to the Western Hemisphere. 80 % out of 5.5 million slaves were enslaved as a field worker (sugar). With all of those slaves working in the West Hemisphere, Europeans gained huge profits and were able to dominate the production of sugar. Africans traded humans for the materials such as guns, rifles for them to protect themselves from neighbors. The trades for the Africans were needed and this allowed them to protect themselves. This was how huge the impact on the African slave trade was. However, the problem of African slave trade was the treatment on the slaves. The slaves were forced to work everyday; sometimes they had to take their risks to complete their jobs.
African slaves were treated poorly under the owner. The slaves worked on the plantation from dawn till dusk. During the weekdays, they worked about 18 hours starting from 6:00am to midnight Most of the slaves had “weekends” as a free time but the slaves still worked on those days because they had to catch up on their delayed work. Slaves were used to work throughout the whole life. Even the babies and young children had to stay with their mother in the fields to sleep or cared. The owner punished slaves through whipping, shackling, hang...

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