Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

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The Atlantic Slave Trade that for three centuries caused pain and desolation to the African American people who traveled to the Americas against their own will. Were brought to a land where they would be seen, as slaves. The Atlantic Slave Trade origins and growth were a main part in the building of chattel slavery that was beginning in the United States. Due to Chattel slavery, the American ideologies of white domination and economy were shaped to be one of discrimination and injustice. Ignoring this the Europeans saw this as an expansion of power and meeting the needs of workforce demanded. The origins of the Atlantic Slave Trade began at the purchase of slaves from slave traders. This was due by the formally arrangement that was done by the king of Oba. Where European trade goods were distributed in return for the procuring of slaves (Hine 34). Though this might be seen as wrong in today’s view. The trading of people was seen as normal to the eyes of the Europeans. This was a form of gaining more labor for their crops and a beneficial method for them. Since the workforce of the slaves would not be paid. Slaves were seen, as property that could be ruled upon. Due to that they were out of their country and were in one were they had no rights. You might ask if there was no remorse in the Africans of selling “their own ethnic…show more content…
Since it was becoming a profitable crop in the Americas. The rise of the “demand for African slaves” (Hine 36) grew. Growth of the Atlantic Slave Trade caused for the transformation of a “harsher form of slavery” (Hine 36) were race was the basis of enslavement of people. The ones who suffered out of this form of slavery was the “Africans and American Indians” (Hine 36). Due to their color of skin and culture they were discriminated and seen as chattel to their masters. Losing their rights as human beings and becoming property of
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