Advantages Of Smoking In Public Places Essay

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Smoking should be banned in public places
Nowadays, more and more smoker can be found in public places. For example, when I go outside of the building of my class, I can’t breathe in fresh air. The reason is many people are smoking outside of the building. From the news, we can know smoking is harmful for the health of smoker and also for people nearby. In addition, more and more restaurant is no longer allow smoking because the behavior of smoker will affect others’ displeasure. That’s why I strongly agree smoking must be banned in public places and I think smoker must face penalty if they smoke in public places.

Some people will explain why they smoke and they will say that is because of their business and jobs. Actually, that is an excuse of them. They can choose say no to smoking but they don’t. The main reason is tobacco is similar to a kind of drug so they cannot give up smoking easily. Some people will also say smoking is the freedom of them. However, smoking will affect some big problem to the society like cancer and the people nearby must smell their second-hand smoke. This issue of smoking is not only about the freedom of smoker and also relative to the health of the society. Beside this, some teenagers smoke because they want to show off or show how smart they are. Actually, they don’t know what the disadvantages of smoking is and what is the disease will be developed. They just learn the smoking culture from what they see in public places. They have no enough money to buy a pack of tobacco then they will get money from their parents. If their parents don’t give money to them, maybe they will join some illegal activities. How can we allow the smoker smoke in public places and this behavior will be learned by the teenag...

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... the public places is also not the good model to children. The children will modify the smoker’s behavior because they have the strong curious. For protecting the children, we should ban who smoke in the public places and most place like the kindergarten and the children playground and if we ban smoking in the public places, maybe we can turn down the number of smoker and the level of air pollution and slow down the global warming.

Overall, we can know smoking will not bring any advantage and any meaning to the human society. There are many meaningful things can be done in this world. In my opinion, smoking must not be allowed in the public places and also the government have to punish who smoke in the public places. We also know smoking will endanger our brain, health and the people nearby. Why we choose smoking to hurt ourselves, family and friends?

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