Advantages Of Plug In Hybrid Cars

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Plug-in hybrid Car
A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle operates on a rechargeable battery unit that can be recharged by connecting to an external power source. It shares the attributes of a traditional hybrid electric vehicle, as it is powered by an electric motor supplemented by an internal combustion engine. The most common plug-in hybrid cars are passenger vehicles, although there are utility commercial trucks and buses. Vehicles implementing hybrid drive train technology have been popular among automotive consumers and enthusiasts. The technology has been proven to work, typically saving fuel costs of 25%-40% when contrasted to analogous vehicles with mainstream drive trains (Hummel, 2011). Therefore, to improve fuel economics,
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They are fuel-efficient depending on their drive train operating mode, all-electric array, and the distance driven between charges. In situation where no petrol is used, the miles covered per gallon are dependent on the effectiveness of the electric motor. Plug-in hybrid automobiles have a potential to be more fuel efficient because of a limited use of its internal combustion engine. The efficiency attained is dependent on losses from electricity production, inversion, rate of battery charging and discharging, as well as its motor and the car’s duty cycle in between charging…show more content…
Drivers of electric cars are afraid or anxious about their cars; batteries depleting before reaching their destinations. However, the gasoline engine that serves as a backup gives the plug-in hybrid car a similar driving range as a normal gasoline-powered automobile. Plug-in hybrids re emission free when in electric mode and therefore, they help in addressing emissions associated with gasoline cars (Westbrook, 2001). They reduce air pollution within cities and reliance on gasoline. In turn, plug-in hybrids minimize greenhouse gas emissions that accelerate global warming. Other advantages include enhanced national energy security, less fill-up rounds at the gas stations, and the convenience of recharging the vehicles from home.
Therefore, that are the reason why we chose to have a plug-in hybrid vehicle as our energy source. A plug-in hybrid vehicle conserve fuel by integrating a shut-off system that turns of the engine during idling. Unlike traditional hybrid cars that can travel short distances in chaste-electric mode, plug-in hybrid vehicle uses an electric motor as its principal source of power and the gasoline engine as a
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