Benefits Of Electric Cars

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The Benefits of Electric Cars
Electric cars were recently introduced to the auto world. They are very fuel efficient while still having all the practicalities of a regular car. They are quiet and have zero emissions. They also are cheaper to maintain and cheaper to own then a gas powered car. Even though car enthusiasts dislike the idea of going fully electric, it is a very conscientious choice. Electric cars might seem like a useless form of transportation, but they offer features that help keep the Earth clean.
Electric cars help lower emissions because they have completely clean motors. As time progresses, emission standards rise and will become harder to meet for automakers. Electric motors will always have zero emissions and auto makers won't have to spend extra money to make their engines cleaner and more fuel efficient. Originally, when the internal combustion engine was invented, pollution wasn't a problem. After hundreds of years and the many combustion engines created, all the exhaust has built up. Today, pollution is one of the largest problems in our environment. Every year the average miles driven rises for everyone. When this rises, the pollution rises as well. Toni Marzotto, in "The Evolution of Public Policy: and the Environment," explains how air pollution will continue to keep on increasing:
OTA stated that based on current trends in population and travel … the number of vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) nationwide is projected to increase by 2 to 3 percent per year from now through 2005, resulting in a cumulative increase of about 40 to 60 percent. Obviously, VMT growth could have a major impact on traffic flow in urban areas, as well as on air pollution (84).

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...s a sense of assurance and confidence that even if their cars are low on battery power, they will have the chance to charge them and keep on going. Right now, a full charge takes a long time, but as technology evolves that charging time will most likely be shortened to a much more reasonable time.
There is no doubt that electric cars are the most appealing from of transportation in the world. They provide two of the most important key points of good transportation: reliable and efficient. They are reliable due to their simplicity of their power trains and the advancement of technology they have. They are efficient because they don't use any gasoline and because their motors can pass the zero-emission standard. Even though they may seem like a boring form of transportation, they offer good features that help keep the Earth's air clean and they help reduce pollution.
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