Advantages Of Face To Face Learning

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Today, many human depend on the easy way out when completing a task, but with education the easy route is not always a successful route. Face to face learning is a form of instructional interactions going on in person. Online learning is consider a form of instructional intercourse over the internet. The issue is whether face to face learning more helpful to students than online learning. There many issues about these topics and how each one is affecting students learning. Schools should focus more on face to face learning than online learning, because it is less expensive, does not have a lot of distractions, and involves less time receiving the information. Additionally, face to face learning is the least expensive education in the world…show more content…
As a school' class='brand-secondary'>high school and college student, I have learned it is very important to attend classes rather than relying on an email from my friend or professor. A lot of times my teachers would send notes that will be covered in class, but there are not many examples to help understand the material better or quicker. With the lack of information given it would take me hours to consume all of the information I would need to pass a test. In class teachers may go through slides of notes and students can go through maybe 4-5 sheets of paper within 30 – 40 minutes, but without the face to face opportunity it will take you more than an hour to consume those 4-5 pages of notes. Face to face learning can definitely help if you want to spend less time consuming information and more time during something else that is…show more content…
Many students only look at the grades that are giving when completing online assignments, which may result in higher grades that face to face assignments. Students just take the easier and quickest way possible to graduate from school. However, students does not understand the greater aspects of attending face to face classes, which will result in advancement of the knowledge students have. Face to face learning is more superior, because it gets students ready for outstanding career fields and give students the material needed to perform well. Online learning is great for working students, but many people would prefer face to face learning for more

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