Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Vs Private School

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Education is an important aspect in everyone’s lives, and because of this it is natural that most people want to receive the best education possible in order to ensure that they live as comfortable life as possible. It is for this reason that a lot of parents send their children to a private schools. It is traditionally believed that private schools ensure a better education, however this I not true in all cases. While there are a number of advantages that a child can gain from attending a private school rather than a public school, the same can also be said vice versa. The first thing that people think of when it comes to attending a private school is most likely the cost. The national average of tuition costs for a private school student…show more content…
Typically the average class size at a private school is about 16 students per class, and it is rarely a greater number than that. In a public school setting a classroom usually has about 20 to 25 students per class. This could be an advantage depending on the child. There are kids who learn better in a quiet and less cramped setting as opposed to children who actually like being in classes with a lot of people so that they may receive help from their peers if needed. Larger classes also give students to have a more prominent social life because they have the advantage of being able to interact with a larger number of students. Being able to be around more students can also give a child the advantage of being able to discuss the school curriculum with students who may better understand…show more content…
There is not much education about real-life situations, such as tax and fund. While having a religious upbringing is important, if a child is not educated about things such as paying bills, taxes, and the responsibilities of having a job then they will be forced to learn these things on their own as they occur in their life. This can be compared to a teacher giving a test over information that he knows that he never taught his students. It is for this reason that a public schools purpose is to solely educate students in the areas that they need to be aware of in order to lead a successful
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