Adults and Divorce

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There has been reduction in available job opportunities as the global population continues to rise year-after-after, and there has been lack of communication and increase in stress between the spouses who decide to culminate their holy marriage by filing for divorce in the judicial courts. It is shocking to learn that out of a population of 1,000 people, there are 6.4 marriages and 3.4 divorces, which means that 50% of marriages in the United States of America result into a divorce (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010). There are various causes that make the spouses take the ultimate decision of ending their matrimonial vows through legal divorce. The rate of divorce also differs from one state to another and also varies among different religions. Due to the loss of jobs and financial burdens, the adults are not able to cope with the mental stress, thereby, leading to misunderstanding and conflicts. As the judicial process of divorce takes time and money, the couples prefer to have live-in relationships. The panacea for the problem of divorce in adults could be a higher education from colleges and universities as it has helped the adults to retain the matrimonial bonds without filing for a divorce (Divorce, 2012). This research paper highlights the problem of divorce in adults by mentioning its causes, variation among different religions, age groups, and states; negative and positive effects, and suggestions for couples to live a happy married life in addition to the results of personal interviews of three divorced individuals.

Causes of Divorce

One of the major causes of divorce is that the adults marry early in their lives, and they are not able to give time and care to each other. More than 60% o...

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...ion from colleges and universities are possible solutions to avert the chances of a divorce. The adults should live in love and harmony with their spouses and should also give time and care to each other if they want to live a happy married life.


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