Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust

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The Holocast is the name of the Geonocide, or mass murder of Jews, Romas(gypsies), Slavics, communists, socialists, Jehovas Witnesses, homosexuals, and people with medical handicaps. This geonocide, led by Adolf Hitler, who was the chancellor and future dictator of Germany, resulted in the death of six million Jews and thousands of other innocents. The Holocaust is arguably the worst thing that has happened in our history. In our modern world we still have racist and religious problems accross the world particularly in the Middle East and Africa. By studying the Holocaust we can learn many things and gain a perspective on our lives.

Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi political party and Fuhrer of Germany was born in Austria. In 1933 he became chancellor of Germany and Germany's future dictator. Hitler's plan called the "Final Solution" was a plan devoted to destroying the Jewish people living in Europe at the time. We study this part of our history so we know that the prejudice, racism, and the abuse of power that Hitler used which led to this mass murder and should never happen again. The Holocaust has also made us learn to appreciate, respect and value human life.

Adolf Hitler was the instigator of the Holocaust. This event in world history occured from 1933-1945 and involved the mass murder of 6 million Jews. During this period Jews were stripped of their citizenship rights by the Nuremburg Race Laws. They were taked from their homes and forced to live in concentration camps. In these camps jews were treated horribly. They were killled, brutaly injured, died of sickness, and lived like cattle. In these concentration camps prisoners' individualistic human characteristics were removed. Captives head's were shaved, they were all f...

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...ple who died and had a story.

In conclusion the Holocaust and the events leading to, during, and after were a mass of horrific and terrible events. The number of people killed during this time period is unimaginable and makes us respect human life. It teaches us that the abuse of power that Hitler demonstrated should never happen again. The Holocaust was a time of racism, discrimination, and prejudice in our history. We have learned that staying silent while others are hurt is unnaceptable. We study the holocaust to learn about the cruelty of Hitler and the pain he put throught multiple groups of people. The Holocaust has taught us to accept diversity and individualism. It also makes us grateful that we were not alive during this period in our history. We have learned that this cruelty should never have happened and nothing like it should ever happen in the again.
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