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When people hear the name Adolf Hitler, they rarely think of a great leader. Not only was he responsible for WWII, he killed and enslaved millions of innocent Jewish people in what is known as the Holocaust. However, many fail to realize Hitler’s great accomplishments. He was a genius of sorts preferring fine art, literature and had a very distinct love of nature. Hitler was responsible for starting an Anti-smoking campaign, regulated hunting practices in Germany, aided in German technological advances, and even extended the German freeways or Autobahns. Not only was he innovative, but he was tenacious in his beliefs. Being tenacious and innovative are great qualities for any leader to have because they are catalysts for creativity and determination. I may not agree with Hitler’s policies, but I do admire his passion and the strides that he took to gain his leadership position. Earlier Years and Adolf’s Rise to Power Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria-Hungary to parents Alois Hitler, Sr. and Klara Polzl. Adi, as he was known in his youth, spent majority of his childhood in Austria. His father retired from civil service duties in 1895, when Hitler was only six. This created a tension at home, due to Alois being the disciplinarian and young Adi being just as rebellious. When Hitler was 13, his father passed away and his mother had to care for Hitler and his siblings by herself. By age 16, Adolf quit school and never returned. From 1905, Hitler lived a bohemian life in Vienna, financed by orphan's benefits and support from his mother. He worked as a casual laborer and eventually as a painter, selling his own art. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna rejected him twice and he eventually ran out of money, living in a homele... ... middle of paper ... ...development of the Saturn V booster rocket, which helped man to finally touch the moon, in July 1969. Along with this development, Hitler helped with the expansion of the Autobahns or German highways. Plans for the autobahn date to the 1920′s. The highway network enhanced Germany’s ability to fight on two fronts (Europe in the west, the Soviet Union in the east during World War II). This was eventually used in America in 1940′s where car congestion started to occur. Even American president Eisenhower was inspired by Hitler’s building of the Autobahns, and used this technique to enhance American highways. When I first began my research on Adolf Hitler’s life, I thought that it would be difficult to find so many great achievements based on historical teachings. Of course, he was responsible for killing millions of Jewish people and beginning WWII. He was a ruthless

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