Addiction To Video Game Addiction

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Video games are becoming a part of everyday life. More and more people are starting to play video games more often and for longer amounts of time. Video games, after being played for long periods,can fill a void in a person’s life and people can become addicted to the feeling of having that void filled. Video game addiction is a growing problem in the gaming community. A Chinese father hired a hitman to kill his son every time he logged on because he refused to leave home and get a job (Evans). When combatting video game addiction here is a parental approach, a pharmaceutical approach, and a psychological approach. Video game addiction is “persistent and recurrent use of the internet to engage in games leading to clinically significant…show more content…
The steps for the program are, admit powerlessness, find hope, surrender to hope, take a self-inventory, share the inventory, become ready to have the problem removed, ask god, make a list of amends, make amends, continue to take personal inventory, pray and meditate, and help others ( The program generally comes in two forms one on one therapy or group therapy. One on one therapy is where the person who is addicted meets with a therapist and they go through the twelve steps together. This is a more personal form of the twelve step program. The group therapy is a more support based therapy. There be a group of people that could be addicted to a variety of different things. They are each set up in such a way that the person will work away from the other party towards completing the twelve step program These programs will take about three to six months (Moos).Some people would find fault in this program because most of the steps require the people to have some form of religion. The group therapy can be held in a variety of places. Specialized facilities have been built to house people who are addicted to different things. Often times group therapy session are held in some form of
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