Video Game Addiction

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The controversial topic of video game addiction is what I have decided to focus my multi-genre research project on. Although a multitude of people do not even know of the existence of such a problem in today's society, I can assure you that this is becoming an increasingly greater problem effecting people around the world of all ages. Through my multi-genre project, I intend on proving the uselessness and detrimental qualities of playing video games, and I am going to explore some healthy alternatives to such a problematic habit. This is a very important topic to me because I myself used to be absorbed in video games, and through those hours wasted I have accomplished nothing. I am hoping that through this project I may be able to open the stubborn eyes of the public and possibly convert just one person into finding an alternative to their excessive gaming. What I really wanted to learn through this research project is some of the specific neurological and psychological impacts of playing videogames, for both an instantaneous amount of time and a prolonged amount of time. I also wanted to discover whether or not video gaming could cause any physical impacts. I already know a great deal about video games because I have always been quite the connoisseur of Nintendo licensed products. I have played a wide range of genres of videogames, from Halo to Mario Kart to Pokémon to Grand Theft Auto. They are very entertaining and it is easy to get lost in them for hours. Some of the questions I wanted answered are as follows: are video games addictive? Do video games have the capability to have deep psychological impacts? Can someone actually die from playing video games? These are only a few of the questions I had buzzing ... ... middle of paper ... ...The same reason people stare at a television for hours a day. My reason used to be theirs: they don?t want to stop. That is the problem in itself. Video gamers don?t even care about the impact that this may have, even though most are completely aware of every aspect of their life that this is hurting. They don?t even care that they could die later from lack of exercise or not eating right. Why do video gamers not care? I know why-because just like drug addicts, they don?t want to lose the thing that brings them happiness. People would rather suffer later than suffer now, even though letting go of video games would ultimately be one of the best things that they could ever do. And I am hoping that through this project I can help just one person to realize that there are other things out there than video games, and happiness exists beyond the virtual realm.
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