Abortion Should Not Be Legal

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In today’s society, the main problem with teenagers or adults having kids is not being able to take care or afford these children. Each and every single year more than 6 million women become pregnant. Unfortunately, at least more than half of these pregnancies are unintended. Statistics show a little more than 1.6 million American women end their pregnancies with an abortion. Millions of babies are not alive today due to they were never born because of abortion. However voting on bills and laws to govern abortions are always on the ballot, abortion has affected many people in today’s society. Most people had or have had a friend or family member who has participated in an abortion. Although abortion should only be considered if it is absolutely needed otherwise is should not be used at all costs, There should be stricter laws on abortion it should not be such an easy option to turn to. Abortion began in between the 1800 through the 1820’s the united states soon realized that the mortality rates were exceptionally high to due the method of abortion, these acts were unsafe and were outlawed for the sake of women’s health and safety. Even though the US banned abortion, which carried on for more than half a century, women were still having illegal abortions everywhere throughout the US. Sadly, women who were poor and uneducated were stilling having unsafe abortions and were not aware of contraception. Eventually abortion procedures were improved and looked through more intensely, majority of the states began to mitigate their abortion laws. Many states still restricted abortion unless the life of a woman was in danger. Abortion is a very huge controversial topic in today’s society due to the fact that the women are in fact putting ... ... middle of paper ... ... serious physical defects. In addition, this would leave the women traumatized and uneasy so the practical thing and only option would be to have an abortion. In this case, abortion should only be considered under these circumstances. Although many people try and stretch every single excuse they can in most cases but this one case is the only one that should be considered for. In conclusion, abortion should be a frowned upon subject and should have way more laws to restrict this act. Although many women do not know the facts and affects that can lead from abortion and how it can affect them selves and there own individual societies. Abortion can lead to harming the women that is having the child in all sorts of different ways that can be life threatening. Therefore, in the end there are other alternatives to turn rather then just ending a perfectly good life.

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