Abortion: Questions and Answers, by Dr. J.C. Willke

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1604 words

Abortion I have a lot of thoughts about abortion and why it should be illegal everywhere. If there is a heartbeat, and you “abort” it, it should be considered murder. I am simply stating my opinion here and what I think is right from wrong but I will provide solid information and facts to stand my reasoning by why and how I think abortion should be illegal. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, abortion is “the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely following by the death of the embryo or fetus: as a) spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus during the first 12 weeks of gestation b) induced expulsion of a human fetus c) expulsion of a fetus by a domestic animal often due to infection at any time before completion of pregnancy.” It is just flat out a monstrosity. I saw this website about the difference between abortion and murder, it made me think a lot more about this topic and how I truly feel about it. This website asked whether you knew the difference between a “zygote”,” embryo” or a “fetus” and then it continued to show 14 different pictures and asked you to think about which one of those you would consider babies. I went through and all 14 pictures, I would personally consider to be babies. Abortion is legal in every state in the United States. There are multiple ways to do abortions. In the book, Abortion: Questions and Answers, by Dr. J.C. Willke, he divided the methods of abortion in to three categories: ones that invade the uterus and kill the child by instruments which enter the uterus through the cervix; ones that kill the preborn child by administration of drugs and then induce labor and the delivery of a dead baby; and ones that invade the uterus by abdominal surgery. I... ... middle of paper ... ... just as against it as I am. I have never been more against something until after all the research I just went through. I finally now see why so many people are against abortions. Just because I told you guys numerous facts about abortion, doesn’t mean we directly know exactly what these women think and how they feel about getting their child aborted. I know I personally would not be able to abort a child because I know that there is another human growing and developing inside me and it is my responsibility to take care of my actions and getting pregnant would have been my fault, not the child’s, so why would I kill it like they did something wrong. I am sure in other countries, their forms of abortion may be just as worse as here in the United States. Either way, abortion is murder. You are killing a living, breathing, and growing human bean just like me and you.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that abortion is legal in every state in the united states. there are multiple ways to do abortion.
  • Explains that there are several ways to abort a child, including suction aspiration, dilation and curettage, salt poisoning, prostaglandin chemical abortion, hysterotomy or caesarean section, and partial-birth abortion.
  • Explains the suction aspiration method, which is performed within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
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