Abortion : A Difficult Problem

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There has been an increasing number of abortion cases throughout the U.S. and the world. This problem has been fueled by among other factors including social and economic. The world views abortion as a political, public, and moral subject as to see why it is a difficult problem to solve. Abortion is a huge problem around the world, mainly because it affects many lives including and most importantly, the women who seek such a procedure. People in huge numbers feel that it is evil to kill an unborn baby for no reason. However, others believe that it is a woman’s legal right to choose an abortion, especially in the case of a crime such as rape or incest or where the life of the mother is in peril. To kill the unborn using drastic procedures which is not only wrong for the doctors to perform these procedures. To some people is also morally wrong for the woman who believes that having an abortion will solve their problems. Abortion is one of the main causes of maternal death in women... Abortion is also one of those problems where women or people around women may be able to provide assistance with the decision making process. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy that is primarily considered a medical procedure. It is the removal of the fetus before the baby begins to start living and the removal is usually done before the fetus gets to 25 weeks old. (Malcolm 25) The procedure is either a spontaneous or an induced abortion. In many developed countries, abortion is legal, whereas other developing countries do not encourage or permit abortion. In many underdeveloped countries, abortion happens all the time, whether legal or illegal. This process brings about the differences in safe and unsafe abortions. Abortion accounts for over ... ... middle of paper ... ...nderdeveloped countries and a majority of them happen because the individuals seeking them are living in deprived countries ,so we as an society can’t chose for them if we aren’t in the same position as them. “I can’t even imagine what my life would be like today if I’d carried that pregnancy to term. I would not have been able to continue my education, and chances are high that I would have stayed in my old lifestyle with my abusive partner. I would have lived a life marked by too much alcohol and zero self-respect.” Yet, most people just don’t understand that having an abortion save lives and many of them think that women are doing it for no reason, but for Amanda having an abortion saved her life. If for not making the right choice Amanda would’ve probably lived a life full of abuse and she would have almost certainly encountered struggles while raising her child.
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