A Web Based Live Chatting System Using C#

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A Web Based Live Chatting System Using C# Submitted as part of the requirements for: CE902 Professional Practice and Research Methodology Date: 25 June 2010 Abstract: This document presents a proposal of MSc project, which is about a web based live chatting system. Live chatting software is fast growing in web-based applications. Most of the service related companies such as ISP, E-commerce, Bank, Insurance, Health Care (e.g. telemedicine) support their customers online through the internet or over the phone. These companies spend a lot to buy and maintain their software. However, there is a great concern about secure channel and reliability. Banking sectors have great concern about these security aspects. In this proposal, I propose a real time application, which will be created by Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and will be solved the concern and easy making of the live chatting web based real time software to those companies, which are concerned about expenses and maintenance of the software. The project will be written in C# using AJAX functionalities. The system will operate in real time situation. Using this approach, I will be able to demonstrate in a real time system of tracking online customers and solving their queries through the internet. In addition, I will also be able to learn how the ASP.NET 3.5 is flexible to create a real time web based application. Keywords: .NET Framework, ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX, C# Table of Contents 1 INTRODUCTION 5 1.1 Introduct... ... middle of paper ... ...en below [10]: Common Chat Program and protocols Chat Program with multiple protocols Browser-based chat ser-vices Google Talk Digsby eBuddy AOL Instant Messen-ger(AIM) Google Talk Meebo Yahoo! Messenger Pidgin Mibbit Wndows Live Messenger IMVU Facebook Skype Trillian MeBeam Paltalk Kopete TokBox Explanation: Users from the first columns of the above table need to download the software to install on their system and then they will be able to run it. That means these are .exe file, which are desktop-based application. On the other hand, the second column of the table indicates software that uses multi protocol systems such as IMVU, which is 3D graphical messaging system using multiple protocols [11]. The last column shows a list of web-based chatting system such as Facebook, a leading social network web site that uses web–based chat application.
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