Gracious Goodness And What Happened During The Ice Storm

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Recently, students of Olympian High School have stumbled upon the question, "What is a hero?" In the school's 2013 Young Minds Essay Contest, students are expected to consider universal concerns and ideas. Many times when people think of a hero, they think of Superman, Batman, and many other Marvel characters who display unattainable superpowers. However, heroes are prevalent throughout the world. A hero can be anyone who has the desire to help others, brave in dangerous situations, and does not look at exterior gain from helping others. One great quality of heroes is their devotion to help others in need. They see importance in all life, no matter animals or humans. In a poem, “Gracious Goodness” by Marge Piercy and short story, “What Happened During the Ice Storm” by Jim Heynen, the …show more content…

Publicized heroic stories inspire many people to make a difference in the world they live in. Along with publicized heroic stories, there are also secret heroic stories. Secret heroic stories are extremely genuine, as the person helping others does not care about external rewards. All these secret heroes really want is to know that they helped a cause and improved lives of others. According to the article “Nicholas Winton and the Rescue of Children from Czechoslovakia, 1938–1939,” Nicholas Winton is a ninety- seven year old British man who secretly saved 669 children during World War II and never told anyone. When his wife found his documents years later, she gave them to BBC. BBC later, without Winton’s knowledge, gathered all the people Winton saved during his lifetime in a room with him. When asked how many lives in the room that Winton saved, the whole room stood up. Winton’s secret heroism touches the heart with its sincerity and of his desire to keep his good works quiet. This is a representation of humbleness and true

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