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Hero. Usually when this word is heard we think of Superman, Batman, Iron man and so on, but in reality what exactly is a hero? Who can be classified as heroic? From my perspective a hero is not only someone who wears a cape, has superhuman strength, wears fancy clothes or someone who saves his lady from the bad guy; however he is someone who stands for strength, bravery, humbleness, justice and equality. I believe a hero is someone who truly intends to make the world a better place for all people. He stands for what he believes in even though he may encounter danger and obstacle. We often watch movies with action heroes fighting for a good cause, but these heroes cause us ignore the real life heroes such as Cesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Cesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr are genuinely the definition of a hero. Cesar E. Chavez, born on March 31st , 1927 , was a Latino farm worker, labor leader, civil rights activist, and to this day a hero. Chavez was antiquated with prejudice and injustice from a young age. He would work part-time on the field with his parents, there he was exposed to the hardships and injustice of the farm work life. Chavez only achieved an eighth grade education due to his father getting injured. Since then he had to work full-time on the fields. Later in his life, Cesar Chavez joined the CSO, an outstanding Latino civil rights group. He became the CSO's national director; however his dream was to form an organization that protected and served migrant farm workers. He resigned in 1962. Chavez left the security of a regular paycheck and found The National Farm Workers Association (later changed to The United Farm Worker Union). He led the successful first farm worker union for more tha... ... middle of paper ... ... racism. He risked his life to end segregation. Cesar risked his life by fasting to provide different methods of non-violence . I believe his experiences from a young age, provoked him to take a stand for justice, equality and dignity for not only migrant farm workers but for all. He did not do everything he did for money because he never made over $6,000. these are two examples of a people with qualities of a hero. In the end a hero has a different definition for everyone. They come in all different shapes,sizes and colors. Heroes put themselves in danger and anticipate nothing in return except for a change in the world. They stand for what is justice. They believe everyone is equal no matter what. They stand for what they believed in even if they are the only ones standing. I believe Cesar Chavez and Dr Martin Luther King Jr were, are, and always will be heroes .

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