Hero: What Does It Mean?

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When we were kids, we all had that one person we looked up to. Whether it was a princess, a celebrity, a fictional superhero, or a family member, we gave this person the title “hero.” We selected these people to be our heroes because they had specific qualities like bravery, strength, and intelligence, but not all heroes are required to have these qualities. A hero is someone who, based on perspective, can be found almost anywhere because they make sacrifices and do actions for the better of others.
Heroes can be found practically anywhere and everywhere, depending on who is asked. This is because everyone is a hero at least once throughout their lifetime. Anyone can be their own hero or they can be other’s hero. Most of society would call firefighters, cops, and people who are in or have been in the military heroes today. Americans think that the military and veterans are heroes because they are brave, strong, have high intelligence, and fight for freedom. Few people think to say that everyone is a hero. The few individuals that do, state it due to the fact that everyone has inner struggles, for example depression, family problems, stress from school, and not being able to do simple tasks. By overcoming their own obstacles, they are their own hero. Anyone who takes the opportunity to exert themselves in a heroic way can be a hero, but it depends on the perspective. For example, the US Military may not be a hero to North Korea, yet is to America. The military tried to destroy North Korea’s control of communism, so they are not a hero to them. Author and lead vocalist, Gerard Way once said, “Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary” ("Goodreads"). As Way explains any ordinary person can be a hero, but it depends...

... middle of paper ... a hero. They can be anybody from any situation based off the perspective it’s directed in. A hero has to make sacrifices, small or big, in order to complete their goal or journey. Heroes are not selfish and take action on things they can do for others or to advance in their spiritual journey, sometimes both. There are many points as to what makes a hero; therefore, there is no set definition for one.

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