A Summary Of The Pueblo Revolt

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Approximately three hundred and thirty-four years ago, there took place an uncommon and captivating story of American Indian History. This historical story was called the Pueblo Revolt, and it included the defeat of the dominant European Spaniards. The Spaniards were defeated by an assortment of Native American tribes that were not able to communicate in the same language. The Pueblo Native Americans resided in the area that is now considered northern New Mexico. This area remained combined with the territory of Spain for about eighty-five years. There were Spanish conquistadors guarded the superior area of Rio Grande. They forced Spanish regulations and brutality upon the Pueblo Indians. The Pueblo culture contended many fragments to their culture that varied from the Spaniards Culture. The Native Americans were nature reliant they received all their necessities from the earth. They not only used the land but also thanked the earth. They included over three hundred spirit or gods that the pueblos prayed to for various different reasons, they called them Kachinas. Some of the spirits were Sun god, the rain god, star gods, the wind god and many other divinities. The Natives adore the Kachinas with praise for good crops, good health, family, homes, protection and various other things every day. Customs for the pueblos included rituals to heal problems such as disease in people who are sick, women who are not infertile and many other issues in the tribe. They contained Kivas; kivas were an underground compartment custom for secretive ceremonial practices. The purposes for Kivas were for the Pueblos to get closer to the spirit world. They thought that everything living came from the inferior part of the land. Pu... ... middle of paper ... ...dians fought against the Catholics. Robert Silverberg. “The Pueblo Revolt” (1970). Pg. 216 The Pueblos had lived under Spanish power for eighty-two years in what is known as New Mexico. Missionaries flogged and even hanged the Indians; some authorities enslaved them, robbed their cornfields, and required the Natives to follow the Spanish laws. This is a book source it talks about how the Indians were tormented by the Catholics. Andrew L. Knaut. “The Pueblo Revolt of 1680: Conquest and Resistance in Seventeenth-century New Mexico”. (1995). Pg. 240-248 The governors got into trouble and missionaries misbehaved. Some Pueblo practices were found acceptable by some of the settlers. Some of the Pueblos held a grudges towards the settlers, their religion, and their society. This is a book source it mentions ways the settler acted as well as how the Natives acted.

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