A Sound Physical and Financial Environment Produces a Healthy Community

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A healthy community is one that produces a financial, communal and physical environment that allows people and families the opportunity to reach their ideal physical health and well-being. A thriving neighborhood does not impart hurdles to excellent health, and is one that promotes opportunities for favorable growth and progress. Health is not just the absence of ailment, but the existence of a collective physical, mental and faith based well-being. Even in the most economically challenged areas, there are characteristics of the neighborhoods that can create aspirations, hope, and opportunities. Communities that come together to improve a harmful situation not only positively affect that single situation, but the bonding together can generate a feeling of community, trust in each other, and social connectedness that can help all the different people involved. In addition these simple acts of coming together provides the capacity for future neighborhood action. Individuals resembling Sutter Health can collaborate to build a vigorous community in a assortment of differing ways to cont...
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