End of Semester Reflection Assessment: Nursing Student

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The goal of my learning plan for this semester is to develop skills in health education specific to adolescents. I chose this as my learning goal because my placement this semester at Sunnybrook Hospital, Injury Prevention Program, gives me an opportunity to provide health education to high school students every Tuesday at out P.A.R.T.Y. Program so I thought I should use this opportunity to develop my and improve my nursing skills in this area. As well as good health education skills to adolescents can benefit the students by proving them a motivating learning environment and better learning outcomes. I hope they can enjoy my teaching and absorb the information and use them in the future. I have considered many factors in the process of developing my learning plan such as the nursing standards of health promotion, prevention and health protection, professional relationships, capacity building etc… I brainstormed possible topics such as possible topics that are related to injury prevention itself for example, concussion prevention or preventing sports related injuries. I also thought about doing topics that are relevant specifically to the P.A.R.T.Y. Program such as teenage suicide and prevention or distracted driving. After assessing my placement and the clients which in this case are the students, I have recognized that one of the program’s goals is to educate the students about injuries and injury prevention. I also found that our clients had a lot of potential in learning about this subject which can greatly benefit their lives and influence change in their behaviour to increase control of their own health and make better choices. In terms of my personal needs, I felt that I had room for improvement in terms of my le...

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