A Machine Created for Mass Production and Interchangeable Parts

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A Machine Created for Mass Production and Interchangeable Parts 1. Introduction: When you think of cars, chairs or furniture you probably think of cars being nice and chairs being sturdy and furniture being comfy. Do you ever really think about how it is made and the history behind it all? Well one, it’s made in a factory that has a huge machine. This machine creates products in large quantities in a short period of time. Back in the day before machines and their ability to create products in large quantities, everything was handmade which took long periods of time. This invention of a machine creating mass production and interchangeable parts has been undergoing changes from the time it was created to now. It is a constant changing invention and it will always be. There will always be more people which mean more demands in production. Overall in this paper, I plan to mention the important people involved in the first steps of creating a machine of mass production and interchangeable parts. In the nineteenth century of America the idea of creating a machine that created large quantities of product was in the realm. The only problem with this is that it was highly expensive and people were afraid that the product won’t be done so precisely. This whole idea wouldn't have started without Eli Whitney. According to the book called Technology and American Society, “Whitney consented with U.S. government that he would produce ten thousand muskets in two years” (Cross & Szostak, 2005). To me this is a big deal, promising the U.S. government with something that sounds impossible at this time period is a big shock. For me, this idea led me to believe the impossible is possible, especially with there being minimal amount of resources duri... ... middle of paper ... ...re lifetime just for that one car or product. Otherwise it is assumed that is was built in a factory. Without the great minds of these individuals I have listed above, we wouldn't have been near the amount of technology and resources we have today. I never would have thought of taking things like a factory machine of being able to produce a large amount of products for granted. After researching about these people and what they have done created my life a lot easier and I am ever so grateful. These special individuals have created a great starting point of something that is still being modified every day. This belief is always going to be popular because of the high demand for products and creating them in huge bulks. Throughout this whole paper I have mentioned the important people involved in creating the first steps to mass production and interchangeable parts.

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