Industrial Revolution Essay

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To begin with, In the XVIII century, Western Europe was under feudalism stage. However ending of the transition to a capitalist economy was obviously close The main events of this era were in the social and economic sphere. Origin and formation of the bourgeois economic relations, competition domination at rapid growth of the industry. Industrial revolution in England, growth of economic and political value of the bourgeoisie, strengthening of anti-feudal movement, village submission by the city, almost full replacement of traditional ties between people the monetary relations.
Economically Western Europe in the XVIII century was an example of rather fast rates of industrial development. At the beginning of the century, the European manufactory entered a closing stage of the development and in a number of the countries (England, Holland, and some branches of production in France) began to prevail over craft. In the majority of other European countries (France, Germany) development of a manufactory restrained feudalism remnants. Shop privileges, narrowness of the domestic market.
Industrial revolution – the general historical phenomenon characterizing a certain moment in the development of capitalism.
The era lead to the transition from handmade goods and hand production to a more atomized way of producing stuff by the means of using improved raw materials and the help of machines devolved.
A new era of development was growing to a second industrial revolution with improved technology and better economic prospects large scale manufacturing of machine tools and machinery in factories increased as well as the means to do so became available.
At the time every single innovation was linked to another, for instance if the textile...

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...ities of its favorable use. Wars of the XVIII century almost all were accompanied by capture of new colonies: the wealth grew in earlier acquired colonies and the population increased
Such continuous increase in colonial wealth and trade provided everything the extending market for the British goods which couldn't be saturated the house industry because of manual methods of production any more. Large dragged-out wars of 18 century which were waged by regular armies not only resulted in continuous demand for the British goods, but also caused demand for the special, standardized goods.
Technical inventions were made at the end of 18 century just because conditions of that period forced people to look for solution of problems of mass production of goods that accumulation of the capital reached level at which began possible completely to use methods of mass production.
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