A Happier Country with Sex

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There are an estimated 40 million prostitutes. Prostitution is illegal in United States of America, except in rural counties in Nevada. Pimping is also illegal. 22 countries in the world have legalized prostitution. 57,565 Americans were arrested for soliciting sex in 2002 (Hughes). Prostitution should be legalized in the USA. Prostitution should be the sole decision of the person, not the government. The prostitutes would be provided with better health care. The state could tax the job and generate more revenue. Prostitution is a crime that does not involve a victim.
Prostitution should be a freedom of choice. Whatever a person wants to do with his or her body is their business. They should be able to live their life in the way they feel is appropriate. We have the right to make our own decisions in regards to his or her body. A person should be able to express their self sexually and freely.
Kathleen Peratis, the chair of the Women's Rights Division of Human Rights Watch, on July 17, 2000 argued in Insight on the News that: "They are the grown-up women, otherwise regarded as competent to make their own decisions, who choose to migrate for reasons connected to all kinds of labor, including sex work. They have not been abducted or coerced or enslaved. Sometimes they are full-fledged members of the community. Some entered the sex industry as a part of an economic strategy for supporting themselves and their families, getting by in lean economic times or realizing other economic goals. Many have children, partners and parents whom they support through their work. They share households and enjoy a kind of family status amongst those with whom they are socially intimate and interdependent.
In the line of prostitution, the sole owner of the body and the services it provides is the prostitute. The prostitute can decide what services she wants to provide. Everyone has their
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