A Critical Analysis Of George Washington's Farewell Address

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Washington’s Farewell Address was made an open letter of warning and guidance to the American citizens concerning their long-term happiness and safety. George Washington was a great American leader who voluntarily relinquished political powers and retired from public life, an act which itself was seen as unprecedented in the annals of global history since it was the major milestone to the establishment of the American Republican government (Gregg L. & Frazer 2012). The words of Washington’s Farewell are highly cherished in the American History. For instance, Justice John Marshall noted that, “Washington Farewell words are percepts to which US citizens can not too often recur.” This paper critically views the major points of George Washington’s “Farewell Address” such as The Preservation of the Union, The Danger of Factions, Religion and Morality, and America’s Role in the World considering contemporary government and including differing points of view. The Preservation of the American Union The preservation and upholding of the American unity was the general theme of the farewell Address of the George Washington. The American nationhood was warned and advised to be ready to deal with…show more content…
It is a vivid reminder that the main aim of this Farewell was to recommend the Americans for the great code of conduct which would enable the United States to primarily pursue fruitful commercial relations with other countries (Peter A. & Lillback 2006). This was supposed to be consistent with its treaty obligations in such a way that the US would have, “a little political connections as possible.” Washington categorically warned of the permanent alliances and political connections however, he did not call for the American withdrawal from the world. He clearly that America should be clear-headed in regards of its own capacities under changing capacities especially in a world convulsed by the French
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