A College Education Is Ruining The Quality Of Life

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College is not only a decision but the beginning of a long lasting adventure. It is a journey that will shape and focus future decisions, choices, and purposes. Undergraduates attend college to get higher education in order to succeed in life. Some people believe that a college education has many benefits to it, while others believe it is not. College is not essential to get higher education to fit in the modern society as it is harming the quality of life of a majority of students.
Many people believe that college has negative aspects towards undergraduates. By negative aspect, one should understand specifically wasted time and money. An illustration of time waste would be the way that the vast majority of understudies do not graduate within …show more content…

For instance, students take few classes and they usually get a part time job in order to pay their financial aid, public transpiration, buy books, etc. Undergraduates are not only wasting time but also wasting money. The tuition is extremely high. “Tuition fees have risen at double the rate of inflation—and, most important, faster than family incomes” (Vedder 1).The educational cost expenses have increased double the rate of family income and goods and services. Because of the tuition, students have to get loans. As a result, graduates are having a tough time paying their debt and getting a job on time. Moreover, as the government allowing more financial aid and other grants for students, the expenses of school has expanded significantly for society, in general, and some for understudies also (and not all understudies get money related guide). Still, the government delays student receiving their financial aid and other grants. Furthermore, many undergraduates feel that college is a waste of money since they do not learn what they are supposed or want to. Rather they need to take classes that have near nothing to do with their major yet are just taking these classes keeping in mind the end goal to satisfy a general instructive necessity. By taking these uninterested or unwanted classes, it lowers the GPA, which is really essential for their major. Upon graduation, some vibe that they are off guard on the grounds that additional time could have spent on adapting more inside of their field of study and less time on unimportant materials. So obviously, college is a waste of time as well as

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