A Case For File A Complaint

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First, I would like to point out I attempted to file a complaint locally, but as soon as I mention the reason. They either run me off or tell me there is nothing that can be done in order to the resolve the issue. Second, I am not on probation or parole. On or about April 4, 2015, my friend, Izabella Wiggin, told me that Mrs. Brittany Cotgreave, her Supervision Officer, ordered, her to live with her grandmother. The apartments we lived at, Sungate, just gave an eviction notice on May 30, 2015 for problems with Izabella. So I moved, alone, to a studio apartment at 2208 Canyon Drive Apt C Amarillo, Texas 79109. Izabella moved to her grandmother 's at 2108 N Roosevelt Amarillo, Texas 79107. So from April 4, 2015, her Supervision Officer was aware, she did not move to or use 2208 Canyon Drive Apt C as her address. Brittany Cotgreave, she ordered Izabella Wiggin to move to 2109 Roosevelt. I am 45 years old. I worked in the industrial construction industry for twenty six years. I held the positions of a foreman, assistant superintendant, and superintendant, in crane operations during that time. I took off when the economy went south and enrolled in school to complete my degree. In school full-time and live off refunds from school loans. I met, Izabella Wiggin, 2013. She had lost her place to live and I told her that I would help her until December, 2014. Her Probation Officer, has never done a family of home interview. She has formed an opinion of me based on no input, but 30 seconds at each, home visit but never comes in. She always commented about me to Izabella. Bringing to her attentioin, not owning a car and the apartments I lived in. Well the reason I don’t have a car, unfortunately, due to a stroke cause a blockage in my retina,... ... middle of paper ... ...policy to be cancelled. I am still paying for the items stolen; due to the fact that insurance closed claim from lack of police report and receipts sent from my email accounts that are hacked and northing from there police on that not even report. My email accounts had up to fourteen devices attached at all times for over a year ( currently four two of which of course are “the victim” IZABELLA WIGGINS”, currently absconder, felony warrant, hot check warrant, which would be three had I not picked up the other two, and my currently pushed to the side and not to date stated checked valued at three hundred”: forged in reality”, yes I said it reality. Receipts I posses, for my items, do not match what insurance received. I went to the extent of having Google trace devices and their locations and still did not get the insurance or police to even acknowledge their existence.

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