A Brief Biography Of Adolf Hitler

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World War Two was a very sad time in our nations' history. In this war there were two major powers, the Allied forces which consisted of the governments of Great Britain, the U.S.S.R., and the United States of America and the Axis powers was made up of the governments of Japan, Italy, and Germany. Germany was the head of the Axis powers and the leader of this super power was Adolf Hitler. Even though this man fought for Germany, he was born in Braunau, Austria. When he was Eighteen years old,with money from his now dead father, Adolf Hitler moved to Vienna, Italy to persue a carreer in art. Sadly both of his applications to Vienna School of Art and their School of Architecture were rejected. When World War One broke out Hitler joined the German army even though he was still an Austrian citizen. During the war Hitler was injured twice, while he was in the hospital with his second injury he found out the Germany had surrendered. When Hitler found this out he was furious about the collapse of the war effort. After the war Hitler went into politics and helped create the Nazi party. Sick of the German government Hitler and a few other followers threw a coup d etat aganist the German government. After his coup d etat falied Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison. While in prison he wrote the book "Mein Kampf" which in english translates to "My Struggle". After aproximatly nine months in prison Adolf Hitler was released. Once he was out Hitler knew he could not take the government by force so he climbed his way up to chancellor. After the previous president had died Adolf Hitler promoted himself to Reich Fuhrer which was another name for dictator. In 1935, soon after Hitler had become Reich Fuhrer, he instituted the Nuremburg Laws... ... middle of paper ... ..., the Van Daan's younger son. Later Anne shows an example of a letter her father, Otto Frank, had written to her about Peter and that her father did not approve of her being in a relationship with him. Sadly on August 4, 1944 Anne and everyone else in the Secret Annex was captured. Three camps later Anne and her sister died of typhis, Anne was only fifteen. These are some of the many things when studying the Holocast and other events that happened in that time period. I blieve we study Holocast because it shows us the harsh reality of life in other countries and teaches us to reflect these actions on our daily lives. It also teachs us that their is sadness in the world, but their can always be a solution. The Holocast helps us know the evils in the world and helps us prevent that future darkness. Finally, this major event in histroy helps us be the better person.
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