A Beautiful Mind

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“To see is to believe…” This is a famous quote that has been passed on from one generation to another generation, and has been securely kept deep within my views and perceptions in my life. Actually, that is one of my favorite quotations since my childhood years. However, after watching this movie, my perception was opened to a lot of realizations and realizations in life that I never thought of before.

One of these realizations is the fact that seeing something is not a guarantee for you to believe that it really exists. This fact only states that even your own eyes and your own minds can fool you. This is what happened to the case of John Nash in the movie. His wife, Alicia, took note of every weird action that he started manifesting, and these weird actions frightened her and their child. Then, Alicia called the psychiatric hospital to inform them of the various erratic behaviors that she observed. After these, it was discovered that Nash is experiencing an advanced paranoid schizophrenia, which started to become evident after he was chased by Russian agents. Finding out about his disease lead them to identify that his British room mate, named Charles, who later on became his best friend is just a product of his own imagination. The same goes with Marcee, Charles’ niece whom Nash adores deeply and William Parcher, whom he believed to belong to the US Department of Defense and whom he worked as a secret agent. These three people contributed greatly in Nash’s life and perceptions were later found out to be non-existing and are just part of his hallucination.

However, his history may appear as not as pleasant as others’, but the good thing with it is that he was able to go back to his rational being and was able to control th...

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...world. I think being a psychologist; I will be able to make myself worthy in this world. Being a psychologist, I am sure that I will experience people seeking my advice over the issues that they might be experiencing and that might be giving them a hard time. From this, the doors of opportunities for me to distinct myself are being opened. This shall be my way of contribution to the world’s needs. This is by being an excellent and understanding psychologist that will always assist the people who needs her help and her assistance. I will make it sure that in every person that I meet and I get to interact with, there will be something about me that they will always remember. I think from this way, you can slowly spread the word of helping others and you will slowly pass on the desire of making yourself distinct among the other millions of people all over the globe.
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