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1. What type of emotional disturbance does John Nash, the main character in the film, experience? The type of emotional disturbance John Nash experiences is paranoid schizophrenia. Some hallucination John Nash had was his imaginary roommate Charles Herman and Marcee. He had trouble distinguishing what was real and when he thought he was a spy hiding from the Russian. He had problems communicating with others. 2. Describe how people treat him once they are alerted to his disorder. Once people was alerted to his disorder, they treat John Nash like they did not know how to act around him. His wife assumed he was hallucinating when he was talking to someone she did not see, but it was not the case all the time. For example, she thought he was hallucinating a garbage man collecting garbage late at night, but the garbage man was outside their house. His wife was also getting frustrated with him, while also trying to take care of him. She was frustrated that his senses, emotions, and sex drive was dull. She was truly upset and worried about his hallucinations and delusions. She wanted him to get better. Martin Hansen tried to help him by providing him with opportunities to work with …show more content…

He needs to feel like he belongs and has someone supporting him, such as his wife. He needs a supportive and loving environment. He needs a place where he can socialize and receive support from others. He needs to have support from his friends. His friends, such as Martin Hansen, to help keep his symptoms under control, and function well in the community. He needs people that he can call on in his times of need. He needs support from workers to help him socialize and allow him to do what he loves. Allowing him to work, provides Nash with the opportunity to socialize with people. An example is when he was provided with social support in the library and conversed with the students about his

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  • Describes the type of emotional disturbance john nash, the main character in the film, experiences.
  • Explains that john nash experiences paranoid schizophrenia. he had trouble distinguishing what was real and thought he was a spy.
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