1900-1945 history

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Canada has been shaped by the historical influences of World War 1, The Roaring 20’s & Dirty 30’s and World Was 2; setting the basis for the society for which we live in today. World Was 1 had a big impact on Canada because it started the process of giving woman rights and showing people that they can do the same jobs men can do. The Roaring 20’s & Dirty 30’s has a big effect on the country because people went from having a lot of luxuries in the 20’s, To having no luxuries in the 30’s. When World War 2 came it gave people jobs and money so they could buy back everything they lost in the depression. World War 1 started when Archduke and Archduchess were killed while on a visit in Serbia. The Austro-Hungarian government blamed Serbia for there deaths. They sent Serbia an ultimatum. An ultimatum is a demand by one government to another to accept its terms or face war. Austria-Hungary wanted Serbia to 1) put down all hatred against them. 2) Punish all those involved in the assassination plot. 3) Allow Austro-Hungarian officials into Serbia to help crush the Black Hand. The Serbs agreed to all the terms but the last one. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia on July 6 1914. Russia, who was an ally of Serbia, started to mobilize its troops. France was Russia’s ally started to mobilize its forces too. Germany felt threatened by France and Russia so they ask them to stop mobilizing. When they didn’t Germany declared war on Russia on Aug 1, 1914 and on France the next day. Germany was planning on attacking France through Belgium that was a neutral nation. Britain had promised Belgium that they would protect them if they were ever invaded. So when Belgium was invaded, Britain declared was on Germany. Canada was part of the British Empire they were automatically at war. At first everyone wanted to go to war. They thought it would be over in a few months. Since the country was making so many supplies for the war everyone had jobs and money. People were going out and buying brand new cars and houses. They were buying things that they never would have bought before the war. Since most of the men were fighting, the women had to do the jobs that the men usually did. They even gained the night to vote with the wartime elections act. Without World War 1 it may taken women a lot long to gain the right to vote. The war came to an end th... ... middle of paper ... ...e camps. By the time the war was over Hitler had killed over a million Jewish people. In Canada everything was going good. People were getting jobs by making war supplies and they had some money. As in World War 1 women had to go to work and make supplies for the war. After Pearl Harbor was attack by Japan, the government started to put all Japanese people in internment camps. They would action off everything they own, so when they got out they had nothing. In July of 1945 the president of the United States told Japan to surrender or be destroyed. When they didn’t surrender the Americans dropped an atomic bomb on them. Still they didn’t surrender so they dropped another bomb on Japan. Finally Japan surrendered and the war was over. If it wasn’t for the influences of World Was 1, the 20’s & 30’s and World War 2 Canada may not be the place it is today. Theses events have made it so woman are equal to men. It has made us the democratic country we have. It also made it so no one in Canada should be homeless and no one should be starving. Even though some of theses events were horrible, we should be glad that they happened because we are the country we are today because of them.

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