The Treaty of Versailles

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Some major terms of the Treaty of Versailles affected Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey. The most notable was the treaty signed by Germany. They were forced to sign the war-guilt clause, pinning all the blame on Germany for starting the war which led to Germany having to pay for all the damages caused by the Allies being subjected to the casualties of the imposed aggression of Germany and its allies. Germany considered this too harsh.

On top of the guilt clause, Germany’s military and territory were cut down by the treaty. Limiting the Germans to what they had as far as military strength was to help lower the chances of Germany “starting” another war. It’s army was reduced to 100,000 men. Germany’s navy was also reduced and to top it off, Germany had to eliminate its air force.

Germany’s military wasn’t the only thing to take a hit. Germany had many territorial losses as well. It had to return Alsace and Lorraine to the French and a few sections of Prussia to the new Polish state. It had to establish about 30 miles east to west as demilitarized zones. Germany was stripped of armaments and or fortifications so as to protect France from any moves from Germany in the future. Germany was immensely irate but nonetheless agreed to the treaty and its dictated peace.

After David Lloyd George, the prime minister of Great Britain, wanted to make sure that Germany paid for the dreadful war. He made his platform for being elected on the basis that he would make sure Germany was punished.

France’s main objective was to insure national security. France felt it had taken the worst of the war as it was at the forefront of Germany’s attacks. This led France to want security from the possibility of attacks in the future. In order...

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...n of Austrian Demands. And Russia for its mobilization of its troops that gave the Germans an excuse for mobilizing its own. I would stay with the reduction of German troops and arms to discourage any enthusiasm of going to war anytime soon.

I don’t believe I would agree with having Germans work their own mines to make another country take all of their profits, forcing Germany to be unable to pay its workers, which in turn would starve its people. This would be less harsh on the Germans which I strongly believe would have helped to discourage the second world war. Germany would have been much less humiliated if the other factors were also sharing the blame and received their penalties. Ive heard it said that a generation that receives a beating, is usually followed by one that deals a beating. Germany received a beating, which in turn led to them seeking revenge.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the treaty of versailles affected germany, austria, hungary, bulgaria, and turkey. germany was forced to sign the war-guilt clause, pinning all the blame on germany.
  • Explains that germany's military and territory were cut down by the treaty to help lower the chances of germany "starting" another war.
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