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Evidence of Shakespeare Not Writing His Plays
How would the world react if they found out the famous William Shakespeare did not write his plays? If the conspiracy that Shakespeare was not the actual author of his words was revealed to be true, the world would be devastated. The issue is that Shakespeare might have not written his plays. Prior knowledge to this matter is that there are no records of Shakespeare ever going to school. Other knowledge is that he did not travel enough to describe his settings. There is evidence to deny that William Shakespeare authored his plays.
Research has most likely shown that the Earl of Oxford was more knowledgeable to write Shakespeare’s plays. According to Paul Hechinger, “There are websites and even whole societies devoted to the proposition that the Earl of Oxford wrote Shakespeare’s plays”(para.4). Paul Hechinger believes that the Earl of Oxford had more knowledge from the evidence he researched to make it more realistic than Shakespeare writing the plays. There are no records indicating that William Shakespeare ever went to school, making the Earl of Oxford more believable to have written the plays. As published by Paul Hechinger, he stated, “Although scholars desperately searched for documentation to flesh out Shakespeare’s biography in the decades after his death, they found very little, and, to make matters more confusing, much of what they found was fraudulent”(para.8). Paul Hechinger stated how even though there was some evidence, it was fraudulent, and that makes it more realistic that Shakespeare did not write the plays. Shakespeare only had records of fraud work ties back to proving another reason that the Earl of Oxford might have written the famous plays. As explained in the s...

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