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Erin Brockovich By Julia Brockovich Essay

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Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) was a three time divorcee struggling with three young kids. She was involved in a hit and run accident and was badly injured thus hired a lawyer, Ed Masry (Albert Finney) to assist her in this case. Unfortunately, Ed Masry loses the case and he offered Erin a job as a file clerk in his small legal firm. She came across a file regarding Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and the people of Hinkley, which caught her attention and went on her investigation. After much investigation, she found out that the people in Hinkley are suffering from contaminated and poisonous water that is causing health threats and illness to the people, young and old. She found out that the plant PG&E had in Hinkley is the cause of these people’s suffering and thus started her journey in this case to fight justice and compensation for the people of Hinkley from PG&E.
She went around the community to conduct interviews with the people of Hinkley so as to have a much in-depth understanding of each and every residence there in Hinkley. She also went around gathering evidences to prove that PG&E is the cause of such suffering to the people in Hinkley.
She faced difficulty and challenges as well; she faced challenges in her personal life as well as her working environment. Due to her commitment in work she neglected her kids and her partner and had tough times with her eldest son, Matthew (Scotty Leavenworth). In her work, she was not well-liked by her other co-workers due to her dressing and speeches/language. However, despite all these challenges as well as the fact that the company almost went bankrupt due to this case, Erin and Ed Masry managed to win this case which brings the company to a greater height.

... middle of paper ... Erin wasn’t well-liked by her co-workers in her company due to her dressing and perhaps the way she speaks. She speaks vulgarly and rudely and she is quite direct and straight forward and also her dressing is inappropriate and is unaccepted by her co-workers including her boss, Ed Masry. It was mentioned in the movie (Erin Brockovich; 00:19:57 – 00:20:10) when Ed Masry pointed out that the other girls are uncomfortable with her what she wears and therefore was being left out by the rest (Erin Brockovich; 00:19:33 – 00:19:44). However, Erin does not care about how others look at her as long as she is comfortable and happy she will just do things the way she wants as it was said by her in the movie that “well, it just happen that I think I look nice and as long as I have one ass instead of two, I will wear whatever I like” (Erin Brockovich; 00:20:15 – 00:20:22).

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