Equality for Women in our Society Essay

Equality for Women in our Society Essay

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Did you know that the lowest ranking female in a pack of hyenas have a higher rank than the highest male of that pack? This is drastically different from that of the social structure of humans in most societies. Even though women are soft and delicate, women deserve equality because they are compassionate, intelligent, strong, and work as hard compared to men. Women can defuse a situation in a compassionate, intellectual manner and work hard at it until peace is reached. Women should be treated equally to men because they have the same qualities in most areas as men and have qualities that some men lack.
Women and men are very different in the aspect of physical and mental attributes. Women, in general, have more compassion than most men do. This compassion and practicality of women help to make families and their social structures run more smoothly (Mosser, 2013). When these attributes are applied to the work force or other areas that where once considered a man’s domain, new ideas could be brought to attention that would otherwise be neglected. Women often play the referee in family matters, so why not apply their compassion and practical sense in more hostile environment. In heated debates, often a levelheaded mediator is needed. The compassion of a woman can help in smoothing over differences and assist in resolving matters that could otherwise end in a stand still or worse. From a business perspective, many companies would like to increase their profits therefore, giving woman the same privileges as men and applying their unique attributes could bring new strategies to the work place. Giving women equal rights has increased sales revenues, raised demand, expand enterprises, and some job growth in companies that...

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