The Objectification of Women

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Since the beginning of time, women have always been seen as things purely for the pleasure and benefit of men. Women have always been objectified. Objectification is seeing and treating a person as if they did not have thoughts and feelings, as if they had the status of an object.{1} Only in recent years have they begun to be seen as individuals of equal intelligence and ability. You may think, ”Women have had equal rights for a while. I do not see how this is a problem.” It may not seem like women were given their rights recently, but in our history, women have been treated objectively for thousands of years, even dating back to biblical times. Still, even when women have the same rights, opportunities, and responsibility as men, women can be found almost everywhere being treated as though they were incompetent and lesser human beings.{4}
Gender roles designate that women are not as able as men are. People who were raised during anytime before about 1980 were probably raised to believe that women were there to do housework and have kids, not to have a job and be successful. Now that the children who were brought up during these times are adults, they are bringing their objectifying views with them. They don’t see a problem with it, as it was so common before the United States and some other countries began to see how women were equal to men. These people will see treating others this way as okay, as it has been accepted for so long and it is what they were taught.
Some men aren’t taught to act this way. Their treatment of women can often times be contributed to their feelings. Attraction and lust are two completely normal feelings for a person to have. When taken too far or too strongly, these feelings can spiral out of control...

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