Essay about The Epidemic Of South Dakota Hiv / Aids

Essay about The Epidemic Of South Dakota Hiv / Aids

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In South Dakota HIV/AIDS is not a common issue in the media. However, in sub-saharan Africa the virus is an enormous issue that public health has been trying to tackle for years. There are many questions that arise when someone thinks about how the virus has infected so many adults in sub-saharan Africa, such as, why has public health not been able to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in Sub-saharan Africa? Why is there still no cure for HIV/AIDS? What are the risks with such a high population infected? Is there any hope to get the number of reported cases in Sub-saharan Africa down?

According to the Journal of intergenerational relationships, “it is estimated that up to 18.5 million persons in sub-Saharan Africa are infected with HIV/AIDS, with the majority of the victims aged 14-49”(Eke & Bede, 2003). HIV/AIDS has been a problem in Sub-saharan Africa for over 15 years now. Through several programs to alleviate the abundance of adults contracting the virus, there have been no successful programs. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Sub-saharan Africa is seen in all age groups. According to an article by Penny Griffin from the University of New South Wales, Women in Sub-Saharan Africa account for 61% of individuals living with HIV, “with young women three to six times ‘more likely to be HIV positive than young men” (World Bank, 2009a). Even though the largest demographic of people living with the virus is

adults there are many reported cases among infants, children, and older adults. The journal of marriage and family published an article titled Household compositions among elders in Sub-Saharan Africa. The article tells readers the harsh reality of how many children are living with their grandparent due to the loss of a parent in the battl...

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...that “nearly 1 in every 25 adults (4.4%) living with HIV and accounting for nearly 70% of the people living with HIV worldwide” (WHO 2016). This percentage comes out to 24.7 million people affected by HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2013 (AVERT 2014).

Currently HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa is a threat to the future economic development, future population and cultural traditions. Two thirds of the world population living with HIV/AIDS reside in Sub-Saharan Africa. There needs to be a plan set forth to reduce further

incidence. This plan can include, sex education, better access to healthcare for testing, cleaner practices, and alternatives for breastfeeding. HIV/AIDS is a devastating virus. There is no cure

currently for HIV/AIDS but there is antiretroviral treatments to prevent development of the virus into AIDS. This is the only measure we have to save populations.

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