Enzymes: Biological Catalysts Essay examples

Enzymes: Biological Catalysts Essay examples

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Enzymes are known as biological catalysts. (Ahmed) These enzymes bind to substrates.

They have specific substrates that they have to bind to. The are where enzymes bind are called

an active site. The job that a catalyst holds is to speed up the reaction. All this is only possible

through chemical reaction. The input of energy given to chemical reactions is called activation

energy. This is the process is what pushes the reaction to happen. Enzymes acts like a catalyst

that speeds up without being consumed by the reaction. Enzymes are a huge part of the body

that speeds up the chemical process, they are needed otherwise our bodies would not be able to

Another essential part of an enzyme is its substrate. These are needed in order for them

to act on. The specific area where the enzyme binds with the substrate is called an activation

site. The activation site is where the reaction speed up occurs. The binding reaction is divided

into three main sections. These reactions are called forward reaction, reverse reaction, and at

equilibrium. These illustrat...

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