Employee Engagement And The Hr Department Essay

Employee Engagement And The Hr Department Essay

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Like many other firms, Alliance Data issues associate engagement surveys that take roughly 20 mins to complete. Even though the surveys only occur once a year, there are many things being done on a day to day basis to ensure that the company is maximizing employee engagement. To start, each department has their own engagement events including both philanthropic and team building activities. There are also associate engagement committees throughout the organization that are constantly working to improve engagement within certain areas. These committees work to find out the core of what associates need to allow them to become more engaged in their role. These committees are definitely a strength for the HR department because they bridge the gap between the little guy and the bureaucracy of the HR department. They enable an open channel of communication for associates to voice their ideas without going out of there way to make a suggestion. Year over year Alliance Data has continued to see positive change in their overall associate engagement and a large amount of that is attributable to their associate engagement committees throughout the company. An example of this was mentioned by Brian Steinhausser during our interview. In his are

During the interview with Elyse Wampler, she mentioned that Alliance Data benchmarks their associate engagement with other firms in their industry. Although Elyse was hesitant to share exact information with our group, she was proud to say that Alliance Data was at the top of their industry associate engagement. According to Elyse, the reason Alliance exceeds other firms in survey participation and overall engagement is because their associates feel like their voices are heard and management acts upon ...

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... fun items ranging from small gift cards to large appliances and furniture. In addition to material rewards Pass it On allows employees to be socially recognized on the inter company website. There are also awards given out within each department. For example, in the HR department there is an award called “Care More, Be More” award given out on a quarterly basis. This allows associates to recognize other associates for excelling in areas that matter most for each department. Finally the highest honor one can receive is being recognized in the President’s circle which is featured on the front page of the inter-company website and winners get their name put up on a banner for an entire year. The president 's award is only given out for highly impactful events and it’s is highly publicized throughout the company including a big celebration at the main Columbus location.

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